Presidential Citizen Scholar Program

Important Information for Incoming Cohort:

Students are invited to apply based on the following criteria:

  • Sophomore status
  • 3.2 GPA minimum
  • Good standing (no judicial cases)

Success in the program requires:

  • PACE 211: Civic Engagement - An Introduction for Presidential Citizen Scholars (Spring of sophomore year)
  • PACE 311: Civically Engaged - A Capstone for Presidential Citizen Scholars (Fall of junior year)
  • PACE Showcase (one Friday in May of junior year)
  • Completion of an internship through a non-profit or governmental entity or through The Washington Center

The President’s office has already sent invitations to students meeting these criteria for Spring 2020.

The deadline for students to submit the application is Monday, October 14th. Completing and submitting the application is their responsibility. We will notify accepted students by Friday, October 18th, in time for program planning.

We recommend students discuss the program with their advisor.


The Presidential Citizen Scholar Program is a multi-faceted, civic engagement experience that prepares students to become community leaders now and in the future. The program is by Presidential invitation only. Students who are invited to apply submit their application to PACE for review.

The Scholars program offers students of all majors and levels of experience opportunities to become engaged in the political life of the community and to develop habits of democratic citizenship. Students who complete the requirements of this program receive a certificate and distinctive recognition as "Presidential Citizen Scholars."

This program builds on SU's mission statement "to empower students with knowledge, skills, and core values that contribute to lifelong learning and active citizenship in a democratic society."

Cohort 2015-2017 Capstone Project: View PowerPoint Presentation

Past projects:

PACE at the Food for the Flock ribbon cutting

Food for the Flock

PACE at the Food for the Flock ribbon cutting

Food for the Flock aims to decrease food insecurity among college students. Specifically, Food the Flock provides non-perishable food, cosmetic, cleaning, and limited dairy products to Salisbury University students in need. In this non-judgmental space, SU students may visit and fill-up two bags with any items one per week. In addition to providing items, Food the Flock strives to make the campus and community aware of food insecurity through informational graphics and social media posts.

Student performance in front of judges for chopped

Chopped: Dorm Edition

Student cooking competition. Students were given healthy ingredients and a microwave to create a dish to be judged. Goal: Teach students how to be creative, resourceful, and healthy with their meals while in a dorm setting.

Student performance in front of judges for chopped

4 students pose on bikes

Bike Event

4 students pose on bikes

Goal: To provide students with increased knowledge about healthy options and groups both on campus and in the Salisbury community, as well as giving them vital information about biking safety and maintenance. Activities included:

  • Guided bike ride to ACME
  • Biking Safety courses
  • Bike “Fix-It” classes
  • SU Health/Dining Faculty discussions
  • Health associated on-campus organizations
  • Local Farmers’ Market members