Recycle Right

Course Description

POSC 440: Public Administration introduces the theory and practice of public administration defined as the execution of public laws, policies, court decisions and regulations that form the core of our constitutional form of government. To provide a hands-on experience, students developed proposals aimed at increasing the recycling access, availability, and participation in the City of Salisbury.

Civic Engagement Project Description

Political Science 440: Public Administration contains a civic engagement component. In doing so, this course supports the University’s mission statement, which states in part, “Our highest purpose is to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and core values that contribute to active citizenship, gainful employment, and life-long learning in a democratic society and interdependent world.” In accordance with these goals, you will participate in a civic engagement activity related to a social issue. In doing so, you will interact with community members outside of the classroom and share the outcomes of their efforts beyond the classroom setting.

Overall Civic Engagement Project Goals:

  • Engage in practice the the core concepts and basic theories of public administration
  • Develop an informed understanding of the impacts of public administrators in and on our daily lives
  • Examine the intersection between politics and administration
  • Understand and evaluate the role of government institutions, non-governmental organizations, and corporations in administrative practices
  • Engage the local community and further enhance your understanding of local government

Civic Engagement Project Outcomes

Students presented their final policy briefs to the Salisbury City Council on December 4, 2017.

On April 9, 2018, at a City Council meeting, Salisbury Mayor Jacob Day recognized each member of the class with a city proclamation for their commitment to community engagement and improvement. He noted how “through group projects, students enhanced their learning by meeting with city staff, business owners, and community partners as a means of gathering information necessary for completion of their policy proposals.”

Many elements of their policy proposals are now in place. Students partnered with graphic designer Kacey Martin who created the final “look” of the branding campaign. Today their proposed slogan “Recycle Right” and Kacey Martin’s logo appears on City curbside recycling bins. Additionally, a “Recycle Right” magnet (content by SU students, graphics by Kacey Martin), is now available for free in the Salisbury Downtown Visitor Center.

Class members

  • Eleanor Brown
  • William Darden
  • Jacob Fisher
  • Terri Gladus
  • Alyssa Massey
  • Gabrielle Miles
  • Abigail Mulhern
  • Nicole Stafford
  • Evan Treworgy
  • Lillianne Walters
Students in POSC 440: Public Administration are pictured with members of the Salisbury City Council

POSC 440 & Salisbury City Council

Students in POSC 440: Public Administration are pictured with members of the Salisbury City Council