Clinical Education

The Salisbury University M.S.A.T. program utilizes six clinical sites and more than 12 preceptors on campus or within a 12-mile radius from campus during the first year. These sites include local public high schools, a Division I institution and through Salisbury University Athletics. During the second year, students complete clinical rotations outside of Salisbury as coursework is completed online.

There are an additional 25 clinical sites in Maryland and Washington, D.C., including public and private high schools, community colleges and NCAA Division I and III institutions. The clinical education component of the SU Athletic Training Program is designed to provide real life learning experiences for students in addition to classroom and laboratory experiences.

Clinical education is encompassed within four clinical courses (ATTR 505, ATTR 555, ATTR 605 and ATTR 655). Within each course, students are assigned to a supervising preceptor for a semester-long rotation. Students are also provided clinical observation opportunities at Peninsula Regional Medical Center, NRH Rehabilitation Hospital, Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates and Deer Pointe Surgical Center. Directions and preceptor information for our clinical sites are provided below:

Clinical Education Requirements

The following items must be completed prior to beginning your clinical education experiences:

  • Criminal background check and fingerprinting
  • Physical examination, including immunization records
  • Completion of the Technical Standards for Admission and Retention form
  • Proof of student membership in the National Athletic Training Association (NATA)
  • HIPAA/FERPA confidentiality training
  • BBP/OSHA training