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Research Consultations

Each academic unit has a faculty librarian assigned to it who specializes in research and library instructional services specific to the unit's disciplines and information needs. Students are highly encouraged to contact a librarian to receive one-on-one assistance with a research assignment.

Find a Librarian

Use this list of liaisons and departments to determine which librarian is most appropriate for the question or assignment. For example, students should contact the librarian assigned to Biology for help with a Biology class, or the Theatre librarian to discuss their thesis on dramaturgy. Students do not need to be a major in that specific subject to take advantage of the librarian's expertise! Once you identify the right librarian, you can send them an email directly to request a consultation.

Find your library liaison

Not sure who to talk to? Submit a Research Help Request and we will match you up with the best librarian for your topic.

Submit a Research Help Request

Make a Request

Research questions can range in complexity, from locating access to specific resources to approaching a topic from different angles. Depending on the question, the librarian may recommend scheduling an appointment to go over the information in person (or over the phone, chat, or other synchronous method for distance students).

Please consider and provide the following information when contacting the librarian, whether you reach out by email or through a Research Help Request:

  • Your name
  • The course (if applicable) and assignment you need assistance with
  • Assignment due date
  • Your question(s) -- please be as specific as possible!
  • If applicable, what strategies or resources have you already tried?
  • A couple of options for meeting times, in case the librarian recommends a consultation

Librarians make their best effort to respond to questions in a timely fashion; it is expected that students return the favor when further information is needed to fully assist them.