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Leslie Dryden Collection

The Leslie Dryden Collection is the Eastern Shore's largest collection of genealogical material and certainly one of the most unique family history collections to ever be assembled.


The Dryden Collection was compiled by and named for Leslie Dryden, a Delmarva historian and genealogist who spent over 50 years transcribing summaries of public records, correspondence, and newspaper information of the Eastern Shore into an over 1,800 surname-based set of handwritten records.

Although not indexed, the Dryden Collection is surname-based, making research within the collection quite easy. The collection gives much information for those researching families in Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties, Maryland and other Eastern Shore counties. The collection is almost entirely handwritten; correspondence and newspaper clippings may also be included. Public record entries have been summarized, with sources identified.

Leslie P. Dryden (1912-1994) was born in West Post Office, Somerset County, Maryland to Samuel and Nova Dryden. He married Leona A. Endlich (1918-2005) in Baltimore, Maryland in 1934 and received his education at George Washington and American Universities graduating in 1947 and 1961. Dryden went on to work for the United States Department of Agriculture as a biochemist.


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