Guerrieri Academic Commons arial view from front entrance.

De-stress at the Library

Visit the fourth floor of the Guerrieri Academic Commons to recharge after studying for your finals.

Sign board that reads: Relaxation Station. Enjoy a puzzle, build with Lego, color a picture, and relax. Please be considerate of those who are studying, and keep things quiet.Taking breaks when studying is an important part of making sure your brain is operating at its best. To help SU students make the most of their study breaks, the SU Libraries have provided a Relaxation Station on the fourth floor of the GAC where students can participate in a variety of relaxing activities to recharge. Take a look at some of what's available!

While we want students to make themselves at home in the Relaxation Station, please be considerate of others in the library. Be sure to keep your voices down so that others in the library that are still studying won't be disturbed.


Free Hot Beverages

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be available during certain hours. Follow us on social media to find out when it's available!


Take part in daily challenges to keep your brain active while also not thinking about your final!


A variety of puzzles are available for with peaceful and relaxing themes. If a puzzle is already completed, feel free to break it up again and start over!

Coloring Books

Use the provided coloring pencils to stimulate the creative part of your brain and think about something other than your tests!

Soul Yoga Studio logoYoga Sessions

In addition to the activities in the Relaxation Station, students can also participate in a relaxing Yoga session. Sessions will be held at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on Wednesday, May 15th in the GAC Assembly Hall. Each session will be 30 minutes long. Yoga mats will be provided.

Each session will be conducted by Soul Yoga Studio and are free and open to everyone!