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Urban and Regional Planning Major - Land Use Planning Track

Our environment influences how we talk, live and grow. Cities are a tangible part of your world that become part of your daily life: the school where you grew up, your favorite grocery store, that graffiti-covered traffic sign you pass on the way to work, that old man always sitting on the park bench. City planning is not just about the buildings or roads, but the environment we build and how we interact with it every day. With an urban and regional planning (URPL) degree at Salisbury University, you can help create these worlds within worlds.

Why Choose the Land Use Planning Program at Salisbury University?

The land use planning track focuses on applied planning tools and innovative approaches to use the land efficiently, manage future growth and create livable communities.

Careers for Land Use Planning Program Graduates

Our land use planning program prepares students to compete for professional planning jobs in the private and public sectors, and to pursue graduate education. With a bachelor’s degree, you could become a junior or assistant planner, but you could also go on to become one of the following:

  • Public sector
    • city, county, state, and federal environmental planning, natural resources, coastal management, and community health
  • Private sector
    • environmental planning consulting, and brownfield redevelopment)
  • Non-profit organizations (advocacy planning, environmental conservation, and community health)
  • International development planning