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Physics Major - General Physics Concentration

From the unimaginably small world of atomic particles to the fantastically vast realm of galaxy clusters, the pursuit of physics is to understand and explain how nature works. Physicists observe nature and try to understand the phenomena around them. Take matter into your own hands and pursue your bachelor’s degree at Salisbury University.

Why Choose the General Physics Program at Salisbury University?

The general physics track provides skills and training needed to work in government and industry or pursue advanced degrees in physics and engineering. Choose from a number of areas of study, including astrophysics, digital and analog electronics or engineering.

Careers for General Physics Program Graduates

What can you do with a track in general physics within the physics major? Physics majors at SU are given the education and experience to direct them toward many prestigious positions, such as:

  • Analyst
  • Project manager
  • Research scientist
  • Safety officer
  • Technical writer
  • Engineer
  • Physics professor (after graduate school)