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Thanks to all that helped make GULL Week Fall 2022 a success!
You help SU continuously improve!

    Virtual GULL Week participants, that completed their required assessments and have not yet picked up their t-shirt, that are near either the SU Main Campus or one of the five Maryland SU Regional Locations (Cecil College; ESHEC; USG; USMH; or USMSM) are still able to pick up their t-shirts, based upon their survey request location (while supplies last). If you are not sure if you selected the proper t-shirt size or pick-up location, then please email Unfortunately, we are not able to ship t-shirts to virtual GULL Week participants beyond those locations.

    See below for general details for pick-up for virtual participants:

    • SU Main Campus:
      • WHEN: Mondays-Thursdays, during business hours, as staff are available, starting Tuesday (9/27) morning – through at least Thursday, 9/29
      • WHERE: at the University Analysis, Reporting & Assessment house; 1214 Camden Avenue (across Camden Avenue from The Commons Dining Hall). Note: If the house is locked, then staff are not available. If that is the case, then please try back another time.
    • Five Maryland Regional Locations (Cecil College; ESHEC; USG; USMH; or USMSM) - TBD. The date, time, and building & room location details for the virtual pick-up at the Regional Locations will vary, but should occur before the end of this semester. We will send you an email letting you know when they have arrived at the location as well as details for when, where, and from whom you can pick up your t-shirt.
    If you haven’t already done so, please click the link below to complete the form to request a GULL Week participant list for your course(s) if you offered course-based incentives to your students. You will receive it via email from within a month following the end of GULL Week (September 26) – after all the test information has been received and participation information has been processed and aligned with course rosters.

    Request GULL Week Participant List

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