Salisbury University students on campus

Standards of Conduct for Student Organizations

Student groups and organizations are intended to promote responsible leadership and contribute positively to the campus and greater community. The University holds these organizations to a higher standard because we believe in their benefit and are committed to their success. All registered student organizations, fraternities and sororities, intramural, club and athletic teams are responsible for adhering to all University policies and procedures. There are specific guidelines that students must abide by when they are a member of a student group or organization, especially as it relates to starting an organization, maintaining University recognition, registering and hosting events, usage of the University brand, and funding an organization. Please refer to the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership website for specific information in regard to policies pertaining to student groups and organizations. 

Student Organization Procedures

The University disciplinary process for student organizations will generally follow the procedures outlined for individual students in the Code of Community Standards. The process may be modified in certain cases involving student organizations.

Student may have its members sanctioned in accordance with the Code of Community Standards, and as an organization may have one of the following status sanctions imposed: