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Use of photographs and other images found on the internet

Please read this important information if you are responsible for creating or updating Salisbury University webpages on the SU website or webpages hosted by the SU server.

Photographs and other items you find on the internet are generally copyright protected and not in the public domain. This means that you cannot copy pictures you find on the internet and repost them on departmental web pages or other SU-sponsored webpages without risking being fined by the copyright owner.

Please take a moment to review the webpages in your department. You may be in violation of copyright law if your webpage contains:

  1. Photographs, drawings, videos, quotes and other images that you did not create and have not obtained permission from the creator to use; or
  2. Photographs, drawings, videos, quotes or other images downloaded from the internet without prior permission from the person who created them.

Each department is responsible for checking that it has received permission to use the images it posts and has determined whether it needs to pay for the right to use the image. Without the prior permission of the owner, reposting of items found on the internet can result in fines or other legal action against the University. If the University receives notice of a copyright violation, the cost of any fine will be borne by the department and can amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you are not sure whether you can use a photo or other image, or need help purchasing a photo, please contact Crystal Kelly, Office of Publications at:  or 410-543-6531.