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Eastern Shore-Western Shore Faculty Initiative


ES-WSFI - The Eastern Shore-Western Shore Faculty Initiative (ES-WSFI) builds on success of the Eastern Shore Faculty Academy and Mentorship Initiative (ES-FAMI), a collaborative effort. ES-WSFI undertakes a needs assessment to identify issues related to the statewide shortage of undergraduate and graduate clinical nursing faculty and provide direction for planning/modifying programs like ES-FAMI for implementation across the state.

This one-year project initiates a needs assessment to explore extension of the ES-FAMI model to other parts of the state and possible expansion of the educational focus to include preceptors for graduate student clinical oversight. Partnering with selected nursing programs representing five Maryland counties, ES-WSFI has two aims: 1) to identify common and unique issues contributing to the shortage of qualified faculty at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and 2) to determine if an educational program similar to ES-FAMI could be implemented across the state as a solution to the shortage of clinical nursing faculty.


  1. Support the necessary revisions to ES-FAMI for adoption in other parts of Maryland
  2. Development of additional educational materials for use with preceptors of graduate nursing students
  3. Delivery of both of undergraduate clinical faculty and graduate preceptor training programs across the state.

Benefits of this project include: reviewing existing staffing challenges by program level; investigating current efforts aimed at managing staffing challenges; and exploring additional solutions while managing all data in a central location. Benefits to potential partners include a broader understanding of regional similarities and differences in the shortage of nursing faculty and preceptors and building bridges and partnerships with the goal of collaborative problem-solving.