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Welcome to the Sociology

About the Department

“This entire department has been integral in my success. I am leaving with friends and mentors who have truly changed my life. Don’t stop caring and being passionate about your discipline, because you never know who you’re inspiring!”

Sociology is the study of the human society and human social interaction and our department explores a wide range of issues and topics relevant to our lives—health care, environment, social inequality, social justice, race relations, globalization, etc. We emphasize teaching as the top priority
of the department, set high standards for student achievement, provide opportunities for student engagement
in multicultural events and encourage civic involvement.

Beyond the Classroom

The Sociology Department sponsors two annual events for its students: a day time canoeing trip on the Nanticoke River and a spring picnic. The Sociology Action Club, lead by students, has shown movies with discussions following, organized a trip to the Holocaust Museum, sponsored a Fair Trade Sale, had bonfires—once it was on the beach in Assateague— and volunteered for nursing homes, soup kitchens and after-school programs. In addition, many faculty include cultural event participation and volunteerism as a component of their courses.

In the News

Sociology is now being recognized as an essential discipline with the increasingly global economy. Its emphasis on understanding diversity and culture are now being sought after by the U.S. Department of Defense, the criminal justice field and international business relations. Added to which, in 2009, sociology ranked eighth out of 200 in terms of the most appealing jobs according to Oh, and by-the-way, First Lady Michelle Obama has her undergraduate degree in sociology from Princeton University.

Career Opportunities

According to the American Sociological Association (, sociology graduates go on to careers in:

  • Community Service (Non-Profits, Environmental
    Areas, Social Services)
  • Corrections (Probation, Parole, Youth Advocate)
  • Higher Education (Admissions, Alumni Relations, Student
  • Health Services (Family Planning, Rehabilitation
    Counseling, Substance Abuse)
  • Business (Marketing, Human Resources, Training)
  • Government (Transportation, Agriculture, Labor Relations)

Recent Graduates

Here are what some recent graduates have done next:

  • Graduate School
    (Conflict Analysis/Dispute Resolution, Education, Law School, Library Science, Public Policy, Social Work, Sociology)
  • Employment
    (Planned Parenthood Educator, Library of Congress Intern, Non-Profit Volunteer Services Coordinator, Peace Corps Placement
  • PeaceCorps
  • AmeriCorps