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Research Day 2016

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Research Day 2016 Handout

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Research Day 2016

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Along with faculty speaker presentations, a reception hosted by the Provost provides the opportunity to introduce the 10 new Faculty Learning Communities to the campus.

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The Faculty Learning Communities Are:

Beginning Backward Design within the Biology Department

Facilitator(s): Patti Erickson, Mark Holland and Kim Quillin Faculty Membership: Everyone in the Biology Department, particularly those teaching BIOL210 during fall 2016, spring 2017 or the foreseeable future is invited to join through direct invitation. Members will be chosen by facilitator discretion to include frequent instructors, those interested in improving their teaching skills, and those in leadership positions within the department and school of science. Members outside the Biology Department will be invited to join through direct invitation.

Benchmarking Digital and other College Level Literacies

Facilitator(s): Members of Working Group of the Re-envisioning the First Year Experience Committee; submitted by Shawn McEntee Faculty Membership: Full- and part-time faculty, staff and adjuncts; an open call to all faculty will result in a list of eligible participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Building Interdisciplinary General Education Courses

Facilitators: Members of the General Education Steering Committee Faculty Membership: An open call to the entire faculty, capping membership at 12.

Cognitive Science

Facilitator: Laurence Becker, Psychology Faculty Membership: Psychology, philosophy, biology and education faculty.

Developing Student Resilience Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Facilitator: Jill Caviglia-Harris Faculty Membership: An open call will be made campus-wide with the goal of recruiting two faculty from each school (only one per department to ensure diversity).


Facilitator: William (Bill) Burke (Information and Decision Sciences) Faculty Membership: The Entrepreneurship FLC is open to all with the target faculty members representing Fulton, Henson and Seidel in addition to SU staff and the external campus community.

Professional Development for Department Chairs

Facilitator: Michèle M. Schlehofer Faculty Membership: The proposal is to invite 8-10 department chairs, both new and established. Ideally, departmental chairs will represent all four schools and be diverse in gender and race/ethnicity. At the time of the proposal submission three have expressed strong interest in participating.

Sustainability in the Curriculum

Facilitators: University Academic Sustainability Committee

Teaching Diversity in the classroom

Facilitators: Becky Anthony (Social Work) and Cristina Cammarano (Philosophy) Faculty Membership: Modern languages, political science, art, English, philosophy and history faculty.

Women’s Mentor and Network Circle (WMNC)

Facilitators: Chrys Egan (Communication & Gender), Sarah Guy (BEACON Associate Director), Laurel Heflin (BEACON M.B.A. Student) Faculty Membership: Dr. Chrys Egan, Associate Professor of Communication and Gender Studies; Dr. Sarah Guy, Associate Director of BEACON; Laurel Heflin, BEACON Graduate Researcher and M.B.A. Student; Dr. Tammy Donaway, Perdue School Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Management Internship Coordinator; and Ashley Stern, Supervisor of PKS & Company, which sponsors the women’s series “Be Connected,” Board Member of SU’s Women’s Circle, and Member of the Sunrise Rotary business and service organization. In addition 3-5 more participants can be invited.

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Join your colleagues for a celebration of the SU faculty community at Research Day 2016:

Friday, September 23, 2016
3-5 p.m.: Faculty Speakers
5:30-7 p.m.: Reception Hosted by the Provost

This year’s activities take place in the new Guerrieri Academic Commons Assembly Hall (4th Floor). Bolstering connections and community among faculty is a great first campus-wide event for the new Commons.

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The Faculty Speakers Are:

Dr. Elsie Walker3-3:30 p.m.
Dr. Elsie Walker
Department of English
“Soundtracks and Humanity – The Beauty, Violence and Politics of Hearing Films”

Dr .Katherine Hinderer3:30-4 p.m.
Dr. Katherine Hinderer
Department of Nursing
“Bridging the Gap: Inter-professional Partnerships to Support Practice-ready Healthcare Graduates”

Bill Burke4-4:30 p.m.
Bill Burke
Department of Information and Decisions Sciences
“Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development”

Dr. Timothy Werner4:30-5 p.m.
Dr. Timothy Werner Department of Health and Sports Sciences
“Arterial Stiffness: Its Influence on Cardiovascular Disease and Therapeutic Interventions”

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We are soliciting proposals from the campus community for participation in the showcase.

Space is limited; therefore, we must have a written proposal for participation:

  • Explain how your unit makes connections with our community in no more than 300 words
  • Proposals due 5 p.m. Friday, September 18, to:

Proposals are evaluated by the University Research Council and Provost’s Office.

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