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Living Learning Communities

Contact Information

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For information on the LLCs: 410-543-6040

Freshmen LLCs - 2018-2019

LLCs Out & About

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Recently, students in LLCs have:

Attended Advocacy Day at the State House in Annapolis to learn about how social policy is created

Recorded a song with the SU Recording Club

Taken an overnight kayak trip down the Choptank River with writer/environmentalist Tom Horton, stopping to collect fossils along the way

Visited a local organic farm to learn more about healthy food options and sustainable farming practices on the Eastern Shore

LLCs: A Real Benefit

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Research shows that students who participate in LLCs:

Are more engaged in their academic experience

Have extremely high satisfaction rates for their overall university experience

Earn higher grades

US capitol building


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Art: John Mosher, M.F.A.

Biology: Claudia Morrison-Parker, Ph.D.

Communication Arts: Lori DeWitt, Ph.D.

Education, Elementary: Amber Meyer, Ed.D.

Education, Secondary: Ron Siers, Ph.D.

Entrepreneurship: Bill Burke, M.Ed.

Explorers: Wendy Jin

Global Village: Joe Venosa, Ph.D.

Green: Lisa Tossey

Health Professions: John Lee, Ph.D

Honors I-V: James Buss, Ph.D. & Leanne Wood, Ph.D.

Performing Arts - Music: Ted Nichols, M.Ed.

Performing Arts - Theatre: John Raley, M.F.A.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM): Michael Bardzell, Ph.D.

Social Justice: Victoria Venable, Ph.D.

Wellness: Lisa Marquette, Ph.D.

Freshmen LLCs: The Right Fit for You

Interested in living and studying with other first-year students who share similar interests? Salisbury University invites you to learn more about our Living Learning Communities (LLC). Features include:

  • Live together in the University’s residence halls
  • Share common courses in the fall and in the spring, with required out-of-class, experiential learning activities
  • Benefit from a faculty mentor who encourages you to carry great classroom conversations into your residential community
  • Participate in trips and activities designed to bring the community theme to life

Housing With You In Mind

All LLCs are located in our residence halls with access to:

  • Smart classrooms that double as study areas
  • Large common areas, complete with flat-screen TVs and pool tables
  • Free, high-efficiency laundry units with electronic notifications on your phone
  • Rooms designed to create unique, suite- or cluster-style spaces for a community feel
  • Guidance to find the right next step in student housing as you prepare for your second year at SU

Learning Communities

When you participate in one of Salisbury University’s LLCs, amazing learning opportunities are yours:

  • Be part of an engaged learning community that goes beyond the traditional classroom experience
  • Develop your leadership skills by helping to organize events for a vibrant community
  • Jump start your college career by establishing connections with faculty and other student leaders
  • Explore your academic options and focus your interests in an area in which you are passionate – identifying future opportunities for research, internship and study abroad
  • Understand how your courses connect with each other and gain an expanded perspective on your education
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and network with University faculty and staff
  • Maximize your academic success by immersing yourself in the SU experience

LLC Options

The courses listed are required for the LLCs; if a student has already completed a course through transfer, AP or IB, they should not request the LLC that requires the course. Credit by examination equivalency may be found at

Because artists know that real learning happens between the lines, this LLC of art majors allows you to develop your passion beyond the studio with trips to big city museums and personal interaction with visiting artists.

  • Fall 2018: ART 121 - Design Principles
    ART 130 - Drawing I
  • Spring 2019: ART 201 - Art History

Biology majors make lasting friendships as your explore local ecosystems, participate in outdoor team challenges and plan group activities.

  • Fall 2018: CHEM 121 - General Chemistry I
    BIOL 210 - Biology: Concepts and Methods
  • Spring 2019: ENGL 300 - Special Topics: Science in Literature

Campus & Community Engagement
This LLC is for students interested in learning about their new community. Courses and experiences encourage active involvement through events and projects that promote connections on campus and with the broader Salisbury community. It provides students with transformational experiences, including group trips, networking opportunities, outreach and projects to improve life on SU's campus.

  • Fall 2018: ENGL 103 - Composition and Research
    POSC 101 - Introduction to Politics and Government
  • Spring 2019: EDUC 210 - School in a Diverse Society

Communication Arts
Students majoring or minoring in communication arts (CMAT) explore this diverse field as they learn about local media outlets, interact with successful CMAT alumni, work with nonprofits and travel to New York City.

  • Fall 2018: CMAT 102: Introduction to Mass Media
  • Spring 2019: BIOL 150 - Environmental Science
    CMAT 101: Introduction to Human Communication Studies

Education - Elementary
Elementary education (ELEC) and early childhood/elementary double majors (ECED/ELED) connect with the local education community through mentorship relationships and humanitarian outreach projects.  In addition, they explore education issues through field trips at the local and national level.

  • Fall 2018: ELED 201 - Introduction to Teaching
    MATH 130 - Fundamental Concepts
  • Spring 2019: GEOG 104 - Earth & Space Science

Education - Secondary
This LLC is for students who want to pursue the transformation field of teaching in grades 6-12.  The ability to impact the life of another person by adding value is fostered consistently within the cohort.  Members are mentored by exemplary Professional Development School faculty and staff during their field placements.  Secondary LLC members meet with local, state and national education leaders via field trips and innovative out-of-class opportunities.

  • Fall 2018: EDUC 210 - School in a Diverse Society
    FTWL 106 - Lifelong Fitness and Wellness
  • Spring 2019: HIST 102 - World Civilizations II

Entrepreneurship (2)
Students interested in any Perdue School of Business major, especially those interested in turning their ideas into business opportunities, are invited to join this creative and innovative LLC.  Established to ready students for success in the PSB Entrepreneurship Competitions, activities may include membership in the student Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization, specialized innovation training, field trips to innovation centers and incubators, meetings with successful student/alumni and community entrepreneurs, and participate in various competitive activities.

  • Fall 2018: CMAT 260 - Organizational Communication
  • Spring 2019: INFO 211 - Information Systems Concepts for Management

This is the LLC for students who want to 'explore' which SU majors and minors are the best fit while connecting with professional academic advisors, business managers, healthcare providers and graduate students.  You may also pursue community service opportunities, such as helping at an area homeless shelter.

  • Fall 2018: IDIS 280: Special Topics: Exploring Self, Majors and Careers
  • Spring 2019: HIST 102: World Civilizations II

Global Village
Students from a wealth of cultural backgrounds come together to ask how they can best understand life around the globe. Previous activities include make-your-own-sushi night, a foreign film festival and a trip to New York City to visit the United Nations.  Whether you were born on the other side of the world, have visited 20 countries or have never left Maryland, this community provides an ideal opportunity to grow, think, learn and laugh together.

  • Fall 2018: ENGL 103 - Composition and Research
    IDIS 280 - Special Topic: Global Culture and Engagement
  • Spring 2019: HIST 103 - First-Year Seminar in World History

Those students interested in living “green” and/or majoring in an environmentally related major can join this eco-friendly LLC where you spend time kayaking on the local waterways, meeting area environmental experts and cultivating your own campus gardens.

  • Fall 2018: ENVR 102 - Intro to Sustainability
    HIST 102 - World Civilizations II
  • Spring 2019: IDIS 280 – Special Topics: Chesapeake Bay

Health Professions
Students interested in pursuing advanced professional health degrees such as medicine, dentistry, optometry and pharmacy get to know others who share the same passion for the health field. Through a variety of fun and engaging experiences, both in and out of class, students will learn that there is more to preparing for these programs than the classes that they take.

  • Fall 2018: BIOL 210 - Biology: Concepts and Methods
    CHEM 121 - General Chemistry I
  • Spring 2019: MATH 198: Calculus I for Biology and Medicine

Honors (5)
Students accepted to the Bellavance Honors Program ( honors) may choose from five LLCs, each of which provides General Education credits and fulfills an essential Honors Core requirement. Early orientation to the program, field trips and unique cultural opportunities are offered.

When filling out your housing contract, simply choose the 'honors' option. The Dean will contact you separately to gather your personal interests and will assign you to one of the five honors options.

Social Justice
Geared toward pre-social work majors as well as students interested in psychology, sociology, and conflict analysis and dispute resolution, this LLC provides enrichment activities focusing on the values and beliefs related to the human services profession.

  • Fall 2018: SOWK 200 - Instruction to Social Work and Social Welfare
    CADR 200 - Foundations of Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • Spring 2019: ENGL 300 - Social Justice in Literature

Performing Arts - Music 
(Note: Students in the Performing Arts - Music and Theatre LLCs live together.) 
Students don’t have to major in music to join this LLC. Anyone with an interest in playing and studying music is encouraged to join this community. From SU’s performing ensembles to learning about sound mixing in SU’s high-tech audio labs, there are lots of opportunities to grow as a lover of music.

  • Fall 2018: MUSC 202 - Introduction to Music Technology
    PSYC 101
  • Spring 2019: MATH 105 - Liberal Arts Mathematics: Music and Mathematics

Performing Arts - Theatre
(Note: Students in the Performing Arts - Music and Theatre LLCs live together.)
Theatre majors are invited to join this LLC to investigate the roles of theatre professionals and benefit from hands-on work in all aspects of theatre production.

  • Fall 2018: THEA 110 - Technical Production 
    THEA 199 - Cornerstone Seminar
  • Spring 2019: THEA 126 - Costuming and Theatre Crafts

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Students in this LLC are pursuing exciting careers, from actuarial science to zoology. Discover all the various science- and technology-related opportunities at SU while enjoying fun activities like a boat trip through the coastal bays and a visit to NASA Wallops Island.

  • Fall 2018: HIST 103 - First-Year Seminar in World History 
    MATH 201 - Calculus I
  • Spring 2019: ENGL 103 - Composition and Research: Environmental Writing
    MATH 202 - Calculus II

Students in this LLC are interested in living a balanced lifestyle and many are pursuing health professions majors like community health, exercise science, medical technology and respiratory therapy. With a holistic philosophy, this LLC promotes attention to mind, body and spirit.

  • Fall 2018: MATH 155 - Modern Statistics with Computer Analysis 
    FTWL 106 - Lifelong Fitness and Wellness
  • Spring 2019: PYSC 101 - Introduction to Psychology

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