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SU Password Reset System

Information Technology’s new password reset system gives you three methods to verify your identity to reset your password: challenge questions, alternate email, and SMS (phone text message). 

To use the password reset system, click SU Password Reset System. Before you can use the new SU Password Reset System, you need to setup your authentication methods by choosing Initial Profile Setup.

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GullNet Password Reset (Incoming/Prospective Students Only)

If you have not yet received your SU email address, you can still reset your GullNet password. Once you have received your SU email address, use the links above for Faculty, Staff and Current Students.

  • Click Forgot My Password to have a new GullNet password emailed to your personal email address on file. The password you receive may contain symbols in addition to letters and numbers.
  • GullNet passwords expire after 90 days.
  • If you no longer have access to the personal email address you provided on your application, contact the IT Help Desk at 410-677-5454 for assistance.
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MyClasses Guest Accounts

If you have a MyClasses account and not a SU email address, you should use the username and password that was sent to you via email.  If you no longer have access to this information, use the Don't know your password link. If the Don't know your password link doesn't work, contact Instructional Design & Delivery at 410-677-6585 for assistance.

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About Salisbury University Passwords

The Department of Information Technology has implemented a "single-password" environment that requires users to only maintain one username and password to access most campus systems.  See below for major systems using the single-login.

Systems Using Single Password
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  • How does the Password Reset System work?
    • First, you'll need to go through the Initial Profile Setup, where you'll configure your challenge questions for authentication, as well as providing an alternative email address and a mobile phone number for text messaging (SMS). Once you've completed that, you can change your password at any time by answering challenge questions chosen at random from the answers you previously provided or by having a security code sent to your alternative email address or mobile phone number.

      If you are an applicant or have not yet gotten your SU account, you will use the Prospective/Incoming Student link above.
  • What should I do if I am getting email that my password is about to expire?
    • You should change your password prior to the password expiring.
  • What happens if I don't change my password before it expires?
    • If you have already completed the Initial Profile Setup, you can use the Password Reset system to set a new password. If you have not already completed the Initial Profile Setup and your password has expired, you will need to contact the IT Help Desk via phone Monday-Friday between 8 am and 7 pm for assistance with changing your password and completing the Initial Profile Setup.
  • What happens if I don't remember the answers to the security questions?
    • You can change your answers or make other changes to your Profile at any time by using Update Profile. You will need to authenticate your identity by either providing your current username and password, or through one of the authentication methods you set up during Initial Profile Setup.
  • I have had my SU password for years and have previously changed my password. Do I need to set up a profile with this new Password Reset system?
    • Yes. This is a brand new system and is not pre-populated. You must initially set up challenge questions and answers and provide an alternative email address and SMS phone number to use the system.
  • What if I am traveling abroad or otherwise out of the country and need password assistance?
    • If it is possible for you to call the Help Desk between the hours of 8AM and 7PM EST Monday through Friday, we ask that you use that option first. However, if you are unable to call the Help Desk, we may be able to set up assistance through Skype.
      • To request assistance through Skype, first sign into our online ticketing system. Once logged in, choose Skype Password Assistance from the Help For Student  Traveling or Living Abroad section. You must have a Skype username already in order to request this service.
      • Using Skype on Campus (PDF).
    • This service is only for students who are out of the country. For students within the United States, please call the IT Help Desk at 410-677-5454 for assistance.

If you still have questions or are still experiencing problems with your username/password, please visit the IT Help Desk in TETC Room 113 or call 410-677-5454.

You may also wish to try our Resetting Your Password guide for help with using the Password Reset site.

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