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Currents & Textures
October 29, 2012 – November 29, 2012

Monica Forrester - Artist’s Statement

Monica Forrester The inspiration for the textured paintings in this exhibit is found in my photographs of forms in nature and directional lines in architectural details. The photographs catalogue my journey in unfamiliar territory, capturing objects that others may overlook. The compositions evolve from closely cropped photographic images to abstract arrangements. With a close up approach to the subject matter, I create lines and textures to evoke impressions of the original photographs.

The process of creating these small, relief artworks is intriguing. The use of acrylic latex and wire mesh produces a technique that fascinates me and compels me to discover new methods of using these industrial materials. Together, the materials create a deliberate contrast of hard and soft.

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The materials are industrial yet the finished pieces reflect a natural, fluid and lacey quality. The fine detail in the texture invites the viewer to approach the artwork, to investigate and question the structure. The quality of the texture allows the image to emerge without the use of color.

The images have a natural essence to them as if they are alive and continually moving. I imagine them in their next phase of growth with longer threads or tentacles reaching forward and blowing in the wind or current.

The paintings in this show, Currents & Textures, were created in the summer of 2012. These works of art evolved from the original concept that I created eight years ago. I thank Brooke Rogers for his guidance and encouragement throughout the process.

Artist Biography

Monica Forrester grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and was greatly influenced in art by her mother, Brigitte Bowden. Throughout her childhood her mother exposed her to art, taught her techniques and helped her explore different mediums. Family trips always included visits to museums and galleries. Her mother’s support and encouragement in art led Forrester to pursue her passions in the art field.

Forrester now lives with her family in Berlin, Md. She is a graduate of Salisbury University where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She received the Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She currently works at Pocomoke Middle School as the Arts Immersion Coach and art teacher and also as the Art Methods Instructor at UMES. Forrester serves on the Maryland State Department of Education Fine Arts Education Advisory Panel.

Price Sheet

The medium, size and price are the same for each piece of art.
Medium: Acrylic Latex and Wire Mesh
Size: 8 ” x 8 “
Price: $395

  1. “Hoop Lines”
  2. “Charleston Iron”
  3. “Chicken of the Woods”
  4. “Leafy Lichen”
  5. “Garden of Senses”
  6. “Chives of Cylburn”
  7. “White Point Oak”
  8. “Iron Clad”
  9. “Corinthian lines”
  10.  “Halyard on Deck”
  11.  “City Iron”
  12.  “Mast Hoops”
  13.  “Charleston Nori”
  14.  “Waterfall on Lilies”
  15.  “Parrel Beads”
  16.  “Lilies on Larrabee”
  17.  “Succulent”
  18.  “Southern Live Oak”

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