Senior Class Gift


Holloway Hall

The Senior Class Gift Campaign


How will SU remember you?  How will future students know you were here and that you made a difference?  The answers to both; create a legacy.  Now is the time for your senior class to step up and say, "We were here!"  For a gift of $20.09, you begin your tradition of philanthropy and inspire your classmates with your SU pride and leadership!

Image of the alumni house


Show your support and contribute to YOUR senior class gift:

Enhancements to the new patio at your Alumni House

You may donate by cash, check or credit card.  Any cash or checks should be hand delivered to the Alumni House during normal business hours.  If credit card is your thing, use this link to our secured online giving page donate now. Select Class Gift and fill out donation form.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Class of 2009, the clock is ticking on you!!

  If you have any suggestions or you wish to join the Student Alumni Council,  email or call 410-548-2074. 

 How will you be remembered?