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Alessandrini, Erica

Nurse Practitioner Program Coordinator & Instructor, Nursing
Devilbiss Science Hall (DH) 200-A
410-548-1497 or ext 81497

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2014 Fall

    Intensive study in a specific area of nursing agreed upon by the student and faculty member. Open to senior and graduate students. May be taken twice under different course subtitles recorded with the registrar. Prerequisite: Written consent of instructor who will direct the study and chair of the department.
    Provides the didactic content as a basis for history-taking and physical examination skills necessary for an advanced practice nurse. Critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning skills are used to analyze the history, physical examination and laboratory data in order to lay the foundation for an accurate assessment of the client and establish priorities of care. Physical, psychosocial, developmental, occupational and cultural assessment are considered as foundational to advanced practice nursing. May not receive credit for NURS 510 and NURS 512. Prerequisite: Admission to the master’s program or consent of instructor. Prerequsite/Corequisite: NURS 552. FNP Corequisite: NURS 511. Three hours per week.
    Focuses on primary care of adult clients including health promotion and disease prevention within the context of the family. Incorporates critical thinking and clinical reasoning to establish diagnoses for and provide therapeutic management of adult clients with common short-term and chronic stable health problems. Emphasizes quality and cost-effective care of diverse populations in a wide variety of settings. Prerequisite: NURS 512. Prerequisite/Corequisite: NURS 522. Three hours lecture, 14 hours clinical per week for a total of 200 hours.

2015 Spring

    Prepares beginning practitioners to work with families, aggregates and communities in rural settings. Clinical practice guided by the objectives of Healthy People 2000 and the use of critical thinking skills. Prerequisites: NURS 351, 361, 371, 329, 381. Co-requisite: NURS 430. Three hours per week.
    Focused study on a specific area of advanced practice nursing agreed upon by the student and the faculty. May include preliminary work directed toward a thesis/capstone area of interest, a specialized area of study, or clinical practice. May be taken more than once under different course subtitles recorded with the registrar for a maximum of six hours credit. Prerequisite: Written consent of the faculty who will direct the study. One to three hours per week.
  • NURS 590-197 THESIS
    Provides an opportunity for the master’s level student to conduct formal research related to nursing. Reflects a culminating research study as an independent project under the direction of a thesis chair and committee. Incorporates knowledge from research methodology and analysis learned throughout the program. Requires that the student demonstrate critical thinking, a proficiency in oral and written communication, and use of appropriate information technology. Traditional defense of thesis required. May be repeated; no limit to the number of repeats. Prerequisites: MATH 502, NURS 544, and permission of the instructor.

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