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Biological Aide - Virus Surveillance with DNREC

Date inactive: 5/15/2013

Employer Name: DNREC - Div of Fish and Wildlife - Mosquito Control Section

Employer Description: The Delaware Mosquito Control Section provides statewide services to more than 880,000 residents and more than 2 million visitors annually to maintain quality of life and protect public health by reducing the possibility of mosquito-borne illnesses, such as West Nile virus. Our employees focus on controlling larval and adult mosquito populations and treating mosquito breeding habitats. Mosquito Control uses the latest Integrated Pest Management approach source reduction and the judicious use of insecticides.

Employer Address: 1161 Airport Rd, Milford, DE 19963


Job Title: Biological Aide - Virus Surveillance

Job Description: Monitoring for West Nile virus and/or Eastern Equine Encephalitis by collecting blood serum samples from sentinel chickens, collecting dead wild birds for West Nile virus testing, collecting mosquitoes using light traps, identifying mosquito types, submitting sentinel chicken blood serum and dead wild bird samples to the Public Health laboratory for virus testing, and maintaining (feeding and watering) sentinel chicken flocks.

Pay: ~$9.00/hr

How To Apply: Contact office for application @ 302-422-1512.

What Major: Candidates must possess a valid driver's license. College level science course work and experience in biological sampling is preferred. Biological Aides must be in good physical condition and able to work out-of-doors, often under harsh conditions (heat and biting insects). On the job training will be provided.

Any Grade Level: Yes