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Campus Rep for CreateMyTee

Date inactive: 3/11/2013

Employer Name: CreateMyTee

Employer Description: CreateMyTee is an online-based custom apparel company designed to provide quality artwork and apparel for groups in need.

Employer Address: 4343 Concourse Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Website: www.createmytee.com

Job Title: CreateMyTee Campus Rep

Job Description: The CreateMyTee Rep position is a part time job with flexible hours. We are looking for outgoing, well connected individuals to grow the CreateMyTee brand on campus. If you enjoy talking to people and building new connections, then your extroverted personality will make your role as a CreateMyTee rep both fun and easy. Our reps use the existing demand for custom apparel on campus to build up a customer base of their own. Use your existing networks on campus to get the ball rolling. Those involved in Greek life, intramurals, volunteering, or clubs (or all of the above) already have the foundation laid for success. Receive support from our in office sales team. They are able to provide you with the assistance, leadership and guidance youll need to gain sales momentum. Learn valuable skills you can use to build a resume, own an interview, and land a job out of college. Compensation is commission based. Active reps can make upwards of $15-$20 dollars per hour they dedicate towards CreateMyTee. Visit the site to learn more and apply.

Pay: Commission-based

Job Location: On Campus

How To Apply: Online Application Process: Students can apply here http://www.createmytee.com/Reps/ Contact michael.baker@createmytee.com with questions or comments.

What Major: All Majors Accepted

Any Grade Level: Yes