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part-time financial assistant-possible internship?

Date inactive: 1/30/2013

InFocus Financial Advisors, Inc. seeks a permanent, part-time financial assistant for 15 to 20 hours per week.  Position offers flexible schedule, professional wages, and local office.  Job requires a basic knowledge of investments. Duties include assisting in creating financial reviews for clients, and support of weekly investment research. Contact David at 410-677-4848 or email davidh@infocusfin.com.  Website: www.infocusfin.com

 Company Description: Welcome to InFocus Financial Advisors, Inc.  Ours is a company that helps keep your future in focus -- a company that is looking ahead, utilizing the experience and knowledge that only comes from years of experience.  InFocus Financial Advisors, Inc. provides a turn-key financial planning and investment experience. The individuals and families we work for benefit from the knowledge of a seasoned financial adviser. Our financial planning process is known as one of the highest quality in our region. We can help you with your retirement planning, manage your investments, and advise you on all of your financial goals.