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Digital Print Monitor

Date inactive: 10/5/2013

Digital Print Monitor
Job Purpose:
To provide support for students using the Digital Photographic Lab: the equipment includes Mac computers and Epson digital printers.   This person will help with calibration of Mac computers and printers. This person will assist students to properly payment for service. This position has flexible hours evening weekdays and Sunday night.  The total hours of 10-15 hours per week.
Digital Print Monitor Job Duties:
Operate Mac computers
Help with minor trouble shooting digital printer concern color and print quality
Assist on how the student with payment of services.
Assist with Lightroom® software and Photoshop software to aid with the digital print job.
Changing the ink cartridges in and out printers.
Changing and adding photography paper
Keeping track of and maintain supplies for the printers(photography paper and ink cartridges)
Qualified candidates will have excellent skills and knowledge of Mac computer, Digital photography, and Epson digital photography printers.  Preferable the person has had some intern or work experience
Cynthia Cornish