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Program Management Intern with the Pan-Smithsonian Cryo-Initiative

Date inactive: 1/23/2014

The Smithsonian Institution is a leading scientific research organization with innovative biodiversity genomics, cryopreservation, bioinformatics, and conservation initiatives. To aid in these 21st-century projects, the Smithsonian maintains a biobank network of valuable cryopreserved collections at six locations worldwide. The Pan-Smithsonian Cryo-Initiative (PSCI) is responsible for administering and overseeing the collaborative management of these public scientific resources. PSCI partners develop scientific liaisons and promote global online access to the cryogenic collections.

An internship with the PSCI provides the opportunity to gain practical skills and experience in business analysis and program management with a social mission-driven enterprise. PSCI interns will gain experience applying a business analysis process and performance indicators for improved program management in a complex organizational environment.

Projects will be related, but not limited, to:

1.      Assisting in the development of a performance dashboard and metrics for business process accountability and management for organizational efficiency

2.      Creating and/or implementing quarterly status report procedures

3.      Drafting written and oral presentations, reports and correspondence to promote PSCI

4.      Assisting in the review of biobank performance by monitoring performance, analyzing collections management workflows, forecasting future performance or growth, etc.

5.      Providing program support on goals-setting and metrics monitoring activities

6.      Comparing Smithsonian biobank performance to that of the market and peers

7.      Reconciling data to ensure consistency between PSCI and custodian records and coordinating collections transfers between the Institution and partners.  Maintaining the Institution’s formal written and electronic records of transactions and management decisions.

8.      Analyzing collections transactions, identifying trends, and anticipating future growth

Ideal interns will possess the following skills and experience:

  • Ability to collaborate with others to accomplish the PSCI mission
  • Project management skills
  • Basic understanding of change management and organizational processes
  • Knowledge of key performance indicators and metrics such as a dashboard

Please submit your cover letter and resume to PSCI Coordinator Piper Mullins through the contact email listed below.

Term: minimum 10 week commitment; work hours TBD
Deadline: Rolling, with preference given to spring hires
Location: Washington, DC
Stipend: Unpaid
Areas of Study: Business Administration; Public Administration; Project Management; Economics
Contact Phone: 202-633-4054
Contact Email: mullinsp@si.edu