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Sales Internship with Labor Ready
Date inactive: 1/2/2014

Name Of Organization: Labor Ready

Address: 340 Cypress St, Salisbury, MD 21801

Website: www.trueblueinc.com

Phone: 410-463-4096

When Is Internship: All Semesters

Description Of Internship: Sales Assistant-Assisting the Sales development with Branch Manager (BM). Accompany BM on Sales Calls, provide support in sales and follow up, closing and supportting sales of current 1000+ clients on Delmarva.

Qualifications: Sales and people skills, knowledge of Personality Profiles helpful, Counselor-Coaching spirit, full control and use of Microsoft Office suite.

Application Procedures: Please email Branch Manager Joe Ruark at jruark@laborready.com.

Rate Of Pay: unpaid