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Delmarva Home Relief Internship

Date inactive: 12/30/2012

Employer: Delmarva Home Relief, LLC

The intern will be involved in marketing, processing files, interacting with lenders and clients, asset in foreclosure mediation, help develop ideas, be involve in the real estate and financial components of the business.
We are interested in diligent students that want to work hard and be responsible for their duties. We will provide students with solid experience, and allow students to use knowledge within their interests. DHR believes in second chances to clients facing foreclosure. With that in mind, we want students to bring talents to DHR that will help our firm grow with the market, and gain possible employment after graduation.

Major: Accounting-BS, Finance-BS, Information Systems-BS, Management-BS, Marketing-BS

How To Apply: Log-in to e-Recruiting, http://salisbury.experience.com/experience/login