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Internship with Blackwater Paddle & Pedal Adventures
Spring Summer
Date inactive: 9/30/2013

Name Of Organization: Blackwater Paddle & Pedal Adventures

Address: 4303 Bucktown Road, Cambridge, MD 21613

Website: www.blackwaterpaddleandpedal.com

Contact Person: Susan Meredith/Owner-Manager

When Is Internship: Spring/Summer

Description Of Internship: The work for this position takes place on a Resort, therefore you would not only be representing BPPA but would need to be aware at ALL times to be respectful of the fact that guests tend to assume you work for the Resort. Also, you would need to respect the Resorts police's, speed limits and high standards for work in a Four Diamond facility in the hospitality industry. At this location interns would be responsible for set up of equipment, and also the work area for the day. You will be renting motor boats, jet skis, catamaran, kayaks, SUP paddle-boards, paddle boats and bicycles. Doing paperwork, training guests to use said equipment properly and safely, escorting them on and off equipment is your basic duties. You will also be required to keep all equipment clean and to make sure equipment is working properly as well as keeping the work area clean and safe for guests of all ages. Interns will be doing guided nature tours specifically relating to Dorchester County and UGRR tours relating specifically to Harriet Tubman and Anna Ella Carroll.

Qualifications: Interns will need ACA accreditation, DNR Maryland Boater's Safety Course, CPR and first aid. If you do not have any of these accreditations we could possibly arrange for group classes if enough people were interested. You must be friendly and out-going and enjoy serving others. Tourism is a service oriented industry. Interns must be physically fit and be able to lift kayaks, bicycles and move heavy equipment daily. Interns majoring in physical education, history, education or biology may find this job rewarding.

Application Procedures: Please send your resume email - bppadv@gmail.com.

Rate Of Pay: 7.25 + tips

Will Any Fees Be Assessed: Yes - Interns would be required to pay fees for any accreditation courses needed for this position.

Comments: We are looking for happy energetic people who are willing to work outside in the heat of summer while entertaining lots of people every day! Blackwater Paddle & Pedal Adventures 1st location is the Bucktown Village Store, site of the first known act of defiance in the life of UGRR Conductor, Harriet Tubman. Our tours are certified by the National Parks Service UGRR Network to Freedom, therefore you will be trained by us to be able to perform as a guide for this service.