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Internship in cyber security
Date inactive: 1/1/2014

Red Sky Alliance. Cyber Security Analyst. St. Louis MO and Manchester NH.  Work remotely.

 Contact:   David Chauvette, Director of Academic Services.  Red Sky Alliance.  167 Pasture Drive.            Manchester, NH  03102.  603.716.6440. dchauvette@redskyalliance.org

Hours: 20 +/- hours a week. 

Purpose of Internship:

                        Working with our secure ISAC, interns will analyze client data looking for evidence of

                        cyber security activity such as but not limited  hacking and malware.  Interns will be
                        trained in technical skills needed to find anomalies in our clients' data.  Results will be
                        published in fusion reports which will then be vetted by Red Sky analysts.  All
                        interns will have juried reports upon completion of their internships to show
                        potential employers.  Our clients are major international corporations and security and
                        confidentiality is paramount. 
Motivation/Interest/Skills Required: 
  1. Ability to analyze data and discern trends especially anomalies
  2. Ability to write clear actionable reports 
  3. Ability to accept juried results and necessary critical criticism
  4. Ability to work independently under minimal supervision
  5. Ability to track time and report to intern mentor
  6. Ability to assimilate technical skills as needed for analysis
  7. Ability to work in a cloud environment and interact through the Internet with co-workers
  8. Ability and maturity to maintain client and Red Sky confidentiality
Position Description:  Red Sky is a cutting edge start up company which exists in the cloud.  Interns need to be
                        able to work independently under minimal direction from a mentor.  All likely
                        communication with the mentor will likely be via the Internet so interns should be
                        comfortable with all aspects of Internet communication. 
                        Students will be expected to write clear and actionable reports for our clients so effective
                        writing skills are required.
                        Students must be able to master technical skills quickly as needed
Benefits to Intern:  Interns will be effectively trained to be a cyber security data analysis prepared for an
                        entry level position in an area that is expected to grow tremendously in the next decade
                        Red Sky will be able to provide placement for all interns who perform effectively
                        with client companies and government positions

Supervision:   Interns will work under the supervision of a Red Sky data analysis and the Red Sky Director of Academic Services