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GA - Curriculum Resource Center

Date inactive: 12/1/2012

Employing Department: Curriculum Resource Center

Contact: Jane Burt


Job Title: Curriculum Resource Center Graduate Assistant

Job Description:
1. Give tours to groups of students when requested. 2. Teach students where materials are and their arrangement. 3. Locate materials for students and faculty upon request. 4. Be courteous and helpful to students and faculty. 5. Be willing to do jobs that are asked. 6. Be knowledgeable about the resource center and its contents. 7. Be able to maintain order and quiet. 8. Be able to shelve books in proper order. 9. Be able to check in and out books for faculty and students.

Location: Curriculum Resource Center TETC Room 226

Hours Per Week: 20

How To Apply: Send a resume to Jane Burt at
jbburt@salisbury.edu or mail it to Jane Burt, Seidel Deans Office, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD 21801.

Majors: All

Inactivation Date: December 1, 2012

Questions: This job will start Spring, 2013. Applications will not be accepted after October 15, 2012.