University Analysis, Reporting, & Assessment
Holloway Hall

Strategic Planning Team

Member Name



Mr. Bryan Price: Chair LRAPC; Institutional Research & Assessment Director: University Analysis, Reporting, & Assessment
Dr. David Buchanan LRAPC; Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Alice Bahr Library and Instructional Resources Dean of Library and Instructional Resources
Ms. Maureen Belich


Institutional Research Research Analyst: Office of University Analysis, Reporting, & Assessment
Ms. Jane Dane Enrollment Management Dean of Enrollment Management
Dr. Memo Diriker Perdue School, LRAPC Director of B.E.A.C.O.N. &
Associate Professor of Marketing
Dr. Timothy Dunn Fulton School, LRAPC Assistant Professor of Sociology
Dr. Rebecca Emery Student Affairs, LRAPC Director of Career Services
Dr. Anthony Jemison1 Diversity Initiatives; President's Office Special Assistant to the President for Diversity Initiatives/Affirmative Action
Dr. Joel Jenne Seidel School, LRAPC Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Kent Kimmel Academic Affairs Associate Provost
Mr. Kevin Mann Physical Plant Director of Physical Plant
Mr. Al Mollica University Advancement, SU Foundation VP of University Advancement &
Executive Director of SU Foundation
Dr. Anjali Pandey Fulton School, LRAPC Assistant Professor of English
Dr. David Rieck Henson School, LRAPC Chair
Professor of Chemistry
Mr. Alan Selser Staff Senate; Administration & Finance Associate Budget Officer
Administration and Finance
Mr. Jerry Waldron Information Technology Chief Information Officer
Dr. Carol Williamson Student Affairs VP for Student Affairs
Dr. Ellen Zinner President’s Office Assistant to the President
Dr. Richard England2 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, LRAPC
Ms. Nikki Brown Students
Student Representative, TBA SGA

LRAPC: Long Range Academic Planning Committee

1Withdrew from SPT

2Did not participate w/ SPT