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Department of Teacher Education

Study Abroad Opportunities

Interns at Salisbury University have an opportunity to teach in some of the most prestigious schools in the world. Each placement has unique feature and provide methods candidates and interns with an enriching, life-changing educational opportunity. No one is better than another; each one offers the top of the line instruction using the most effective teaching strategies.

Internships in Auckland, New Zealand:

Term To Study:
Application Deadline:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Internship
Program Fee:
Link 1:
Program Locations:
Contact Phone: 410-548-5794
Contact Name: Claudia Burgess
Contact Email:
What is Included: - SU tuition and fees 
- Housing and board in New Zealand
- Internship fees at Massey University
What is not Included: ** Tuition Remission for USM employees and the families does not apply to this program **

- Maryland mentor fee 
- Personal Liability Insurance
- International airfare 
- Visa application fees
- Personal expenses

Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education students have the opportunity to complete an 8 week portion of their teaching internship in the Manawatu District of New Zealand Public Schools while staying near the Palmerston North Campus of Massey University. World famous for its education system, and particularly its literacy and mathematics education programs, New Zealand is a truly special place for interns to complete one of their required professional internship experiences. The SU Department of Teacher Education in the Seidel School of Education and Professional Studies has been sending student teachers to New Zealand public schools for nearly twenty years, making it one of SU's oldest international initiatives. The New Zealand teaching internship program is competitive and enrollment is limited.


All students earn credits for either ELED 421, ELED 422, ECED 455, or ECED 456, depending on whether the placement in New Zealand is a first, second placement and whether it is elementary or early childhood. All students also continue the Internship Seminar (ELED 411) online while in their New Zealand Placement. Prerequisites: Students must:
1. have completed all methods courses except ELED 427 and ELED 408. 
2. have an overall GPA of 3.0
3. have a program GPA of 3.0
4. be in good standing in the program without any dispositional filings

I. Spring Internship– 8 week internship offered either Jan-March (ELED 421, ELED 422, ECED 455, or ECED 456). This internship has a concurrent online seminar. 

II. Fall Internship – 8 week internship offered Oct-Dec (ELED 421, ELED 422, ECED 455, or ECED 456). This internship has a concurrent online seminar.


Massey University is consistently ranked highly in the prestigious World University Rankings. At the initial teacher level, Massey University’s Institute of Education focuses on graduate programs through their Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Graduate Diplomas. The mission of the Institute of Education at Massy University is to provide quality education designed to promote excellence in teaching. The Institute offers a full complement of innovative, research-based programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of future and professional educators. The comprehensive range of programs offered, and the extensive research and professional development activities of staff, distinguish the Institute of Education at Massey University from other education providers in New Zealand.


Interns will be placed in a school internship at the early childhood or elementary level. The internship will meet all of the requirement of Maryland Certification and adhere to the specifications set forth by the Department of Teacher Education at Salisbury University. Massy University faculty will work in conjunction with Salisbury University’s Department of Teacher Education to insure that a placement is designed to fit the participant’s individual and home institutional goals, needs and requirements. Interns will be placed at local partnership schools in the Manawatu and additional activities will be held at Massey University in Palmerston North. Because Massey University recognizes the complexity of teaching in the 21st century, they place significant emphasis on insuring that teachers learn adaptive expertise in order to respond confidently and resiliently to the challenges posed by each student, particularly those most at risk of not achieving success. With a focus on teaching and learning, interns will be assesses on their ability to practice and perform their teaching capability progressively. Mentor (associate) teachers and supervisors will contribute to the mission of developing quality educators by conducting evaluations, debriefing lesson observations, and providing constructive feedback to candidates. In addition, mentors teachers and supervisors will complete all required Salisbury University education assessments on-line and forward all paperwork to the Department of Teacher Education.


While in New Zealand, interns live with carefully selected host families in Palmerston North and the surrounding areas. Massey University works diligently to match interns’ living preferences with homestay hosts and their families who represent modern New Zealand society. The homestay experience is an integral part of the overall program and provides interns with the opportunity to take part in the daily life of a New Zealand family. Living with host families in New Zealand has been central to the continued success of the New Zealand International program and has provided students with opportunities to build relationships that last long after the internship experience is long over. 


Costs for the 8 week Salisbury Abroad: New Zealand Teaching Internship - In all cases, students pay their regular SU tuition and fees (resident or non-resident tuition applies). This tuition includes the credits earned for the internship in New Zealand, the online seminar taken concurrently at SU and the remainder of the semester credits for the second internship and seminar completed in Maryland. Program fees cover: SU tuition and fees, Massey University administrative fees, mentor and supervisor fees, homestay fees (includes 3 meals a day). Costs do not cover: Maryland mentor fee, Personal Liability Insurance, airfare, or daily incidental costs. 


(1) Contact the Program Director, Dr. Claudia Burgess, to ask any questions you may have about the requirements. 

(2) Students need to complete the, "New Zealand International Internship Application" (see above link next to "Documents") which includes instructions for writing a 1-2 page essay. Submit this form/essay directly to Dr. Burgess in TETC 281F by the indicated deadline. 

(3) Complete ALL online application forms. 

(4) Attend an interview with Teacher Education Faculty


Study Abroad Bolgna, Italy

Term To Study:
Application Deadline:
Major 1: Education
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee:
Program Locations: Bologna
Contact Phone: 410-548-5756
Contact Name: Patricia Dean
Contact Email:
What is Included: International airfare, weekend trips to Rome, Venice and Florence, housing, public transportation pass for the entire period, guest lecturers, museum and event entry, program staff and instructional expenses
What is not Included: Meals, personal expenses
Estimated Costs: Meals | $600
Personal Expenses | $500
Passport | $135

Program Description 

Final travel dates will be set in the spring. Professors from the University of Bologna, one the oldest universities in Europe, will collaborate with professors from Salisbury University to create jam-packed courses filled with field trips, Italian cultural experiences and guest speakers who are experts in their field.

ELED 317: Creative Arts - Prerequisite: Admission to Professional Teacher Education Program. 
This course provides an arts knowledge base along with reasons and techniques for incorporating the arts throughout the elementary and middle-school curriculum. ELED 317 emphasizes infusing the arts in teaching, an alternative approach to the traditional view of the arts solely as enjoyable. With its unique offering in Bologna, Italy, there are additional opportunities, such as visits to schools (grades Pre-K- grade 5) in the region of Emilia Romagna to view arts integration in their curriculum. Field trips to children's libraries and toy libraries are included. Interactions with educational experts in Italy are an integral part of the course. Relevant art-related trips and activities, such as drama and puppetry, are also part of the course. Finally, the class travels to Ravenna, Rimini, and Carpi and the special housing development in Correggio designed by children, Coriandoline. Special note: Graduate students may seek special permission from Dr. Patricia Dean about the possibility of completing EDUC 636: Creativity in Early Childhood Education in place of ELED 317.

EXCURSIONS: Students use Bologna as a classroom. Faculty and students engage daily with their surroundings with activities throughout the area. On the weekend there will be several additional planned excursions that are included in the costs of the program. These optional excursions may include Florence, Venice and Rome.

HOUSING: Students stay at Collegio Erasmus in via De' Chiari, near the University of Bologna. Accommodations are high quality dorms with lots of space, internet access and private bathrooms in each room.

COST: The estimated cost for the Arts in Italy program is estimated to be $4000. A final cost will be determined in spring 2016. The cost includes international airfare, weekend trips to Rome, Venice and Florence, housing, public transportation pass for the entire period, guest lecturers, museum and event entry, program staff and instructional expenses. Additional costs will include meals and personal expenses.

Admission to the program is competitive and program enrollment is limited to 12 participants. Students will be admitted on a rolling basis until the program is full.

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