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Faculty Contracts

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  1. Adjunct I/II and FT Overload Faculty Contracts for Spring Semester 2015 – NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Word Document.
  2. Live-Scan Pre-Registration Application
  3. Adjunct Offer Letter
  4. Adjunct Offer Letter - ACA  To be used for those who are hired/scheduled to teach nine credits or more in either the Fall and/or Spring semesters.
  5. Part-Time Non-Tenure Track and Overload Faculty Contract - Word Document
    To be used for faculty teaching an overload which include full-time tenured, full-time tenure track, full-time non-tenure track, and part-time non-tenure track (who are teaching a full load during the current semester). Also to be used for part-time non-tenure track faculty teaching a one semester full load.
  6. Adjunct Faculty Contract - Word Document 
    To be used for those faculty as defined in BOR Policy II - 1.07 who are: (1) Employed to provide instructional services; (2) Neither tenured nor eligible for tenure; and (3) Appointed to teach specific courses and compensated on a course-by-course basis.
  7. Faculty Supplemental Services Agreement (Non-Grant) - Word Document
  8. Academic Department --Concurrent Contract - Word Document
  9. 2015 Summer Session Graduate Adjunct I & II Contract - Word Document
  10. 2015 Summer Session Undergraduate Adjunct I & II Contract - Word Document
  11. 2015 Summer Session Undergraduate Faculty Contract - Word Document
  12. 2015 Summer Graduate Faculty Contract - Word Document
  13. Instructions - 2015 Summer Term Contracts - Word Document


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