Perdue School Entrepreneurship Competitions 2014

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Salisbury University students earned nearly $60,000 in cash, services and prizes during the 2014 Entrepreneurship Competitions hosted by the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business. The big winner was a team led by senior management major Nick Simpson and his business partner Ryan Nuzum. They plan to use some $15,600 in cash prizes and consulting services to continue developing Bounce, an app designed to connect nightlife businesses and consumers. "We really cared about the judges’ feedback ... the advice you get is so valuable," Simpson said.

The day started with an "Invest in My Idea" poster session in Perdue Hall, judged by 29 representatives of the business community. Fifteen teams advanced, earning $600 each ― and a spot in the "Gull Cage," a Shark Tank-style contest. The four finalists from that event were Bounce, FedXmas, UrBowl and Werk, LLC., and they moved on to present full business plans during the afternoon Bernstein Award competition.

One judge, Rommel Holdings President/CEO Mike Cottingham, told the students: "What I saw is focus. You were poised. You were polished. You explained why SU is a rising university and the Perdue School is a rising business school." Another, Allen Harim CEO Steve Evans, added: "quot;We are extremely impressed. You get a lot of real experience here and that’s what you need." The competitions were supported by donations from numerous organizations from the local region and beyond.

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