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About The Perdue School

About Perdue

The Franklin P. Perdue School of Business was established in 1986 through a multimillion dollar fund created to ensure excellence within the academic programs of the school.

Our Business Programs are accredited by AACSB International, the premiere accrediting agency for business schools. AACSB affirms that the Perdue School demonstrates a distinguished level of performance in its graduate and undergraduate programs.

It is the largest college-level center for business education and development in the region and is committed to an emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit, integration of theoretical and applied study, and community-based experience. To these ends, the school provides an academic program which responds to the highest standards of business education and provides for student interaction with the business world. Courses are designed to encourage students to think clearly, show sound judgment, communicate verbally and in writing, develop interpersonal skills and make rational decisions under conditions of uncertainty. Students graduate with ethical and motivational foundations underlying service to business, government and the community.

Mission Statement (Nov.12)

Building Knowledge Through Experience

The PSB empowers students to become successful contributors in a global and dynamic environment by equipping them to apply knowledge gained both inside and outside the classroom.

As a regional undergraduate and graduate business school, we accomplish this by:

providing applied learning experiences for students through internships, service learning, engaging classroom activities, and outreach opportunities

supporting meaningful extracurricular experiences, both individual and team-based, through participation in academic competitions and student organizations as well as leadership opportunities

creating both high quality and high value education through small classes, inspired teaching, and dedication to learning

utilizing current technology so students understand its power to support decision making as well as to facilitate learning

building a solid ethical foundation

instilling a global perspective through coursework and opportunities for international experience for both students and faculty

encouraging faculty development and scholarship that both informs and inspires our teaching

nurturing a collegial and respectful environment for faculty, staff and students

advancing mutually beneficial relationships with external constituents including the business community and alumni

Frank Perdue's Ethical Will

  1. Be honest always.
  2. Be a person that others are justified in trusting.
  3. If you say you will do something, do it.
  4. You don’t have to be the best, but you should be the best
    you can be.
  5. Treat all people with courtesy and respect, no exceptions.
  6. Remember that the way to be happy is to think of what you
    can do for others. The way to be miserable is to think about
    what people should be doing for you.
  7. Be part of something bigger than your own self. That
    something can be family, pursuit of knowledge, the
    environment, or whatever you choose.
  8. Remember that hard work is satisfying and fulfilling.
  9. Nurture the ability to laugh and have fun.
  10. Have respect for those who have gone before; learn from
    their weaknesses; build on their strengths

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