Stay Up to Date on SU's COVID-19 Precautions

Informed Staff

This page will be updated as information changes.  

COVID-19 is dramatically impacting our campus and world. We do not expect the campus to be closed, though only those with “critical employee” status should report to campus and only for duties they are unable to perform from home. If you are unsure of your status, please check with your supervisor.

The following information provides guidelines to follow, as well as information to consider for those working from home or in self-confinement.

If your primary technology issue is that you do not have access to internet service, please see the link below for the best options where available:

Wayne Shelton Headshot

Return To Campus: Safety Precautions & Changes – August 6, 2020

Wayne Shelton, director of campus sustainability and environmental safety, provides faculty, staff and students with an update on safety precautions and changes they will see across campus for the fall semester. In response to COVID-19, Shelton discusses steps taken to make campus safer, as well as resources and training, safety toolkits, screening processes, mask guidelines and more.

  • COVID-19 Electronic Screening
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