General Education Initiative Task Force:

Minutes of Meeting - February 11, 1998

Members Attending:

Greg Cashman, Phil Creighton, Tom Erskine, Mike Garner, Ben Greene, Steve Hetzler, Fred Kundell, Ross Leisten,Chapman McGrew, Pat Richards, Fatollah Saliman, Sarah Sharbach, Debra Thatcher, Gail Welsh, Arlene White, Bill Zak

Members Not Attending:

Jane Dané, Victoria Hutchinson, Jim Lackie, Robert Long, Kathleen Shannon, Robert Smith, George Whitehead, Ellen Whitford.


Re-forward meeting minutes from December 19th for review and approval at next meeting.

Open meeting for discussion and input of attributes document set for February 17 from 3:30 to 5:00 in Caruthers Hall Auditorium. All committee members should attempt to be present for questions, although the committee should limit the amount and scope of remarks. This is not a defense of the draft document but rather a solicitation of input, ideas, suggestions, criticisms and support. The input will be reviewed at a later date.

Please encourage all of your collegues to attend the discussion session.

The attributes document will be distributed to all faculty tomorrow after the final modifications are made. Steve will be responsible for that distribution and for ensuring the revision is placed on the web site.

The meeting on March 11th will be dedicated to Don Farmer. He will discuss assessment and assessment related issues.

Bob Long in SOWK will take a temporary leave of absence from the committee due to departmental circumstances. In his place, Patty Plaskon will join the committee. At the end of the semester, Bob and Patty will determine whether they will replace each other.

Phil thanked everyone for their participation in the retreat. It went well.

We received a runner-up award of the prestigious Hesburgh Award for collaboration with UMES.

Phil believes that he can provide one grant of $5000 to the University Curriculum committee for awards in support of interdisciplinary projects. The committee can determine in what fashion and amounts they wish to distribute the funds.

Review of the Attributes Listing:

Consensus was that the italicized sentences will remain in italics in the draft document that will distributed for discussion. That indicates that the committee was close but not in consensus on these items.

The esthetic statement gets at the idea of creative expression as a means of communication, includes also the idea of multiple intelligences. The statement was re-written to better reflect what the committee feels and provide better parallel construction:

The ability to represent ideas through aesthetic and creative expression such as music, art and movement.

Discussion ensued on several other points, the final changes are reflected in the Attributes document which Steve will fix and distribute.

Pat will introduce the document and the writing team will run the discussion.

The suggestion will be made that anyone who is concerned with phraseology should submit it directly in writing. The discussion should cover:

1. The attributes document and the ideas contained within.

2. The issue on Foreign Language requirement.

Hard copies should be made available to everyone at the meeting. Transparency or powerpoint support should be avalable. Provide a line number for for the document whether on web, e-mail or hardcopy to facilitate discussion of the correct points.

Goals for Spring 1998

1. Closure on attributes - hopefully by 2/25.

2. Subcommittee work

3. Revisit the best of the best models. Try to reach agreement on the types of models to review, specifically if we are going to submit a proposal for an Asheville team 2.

Subcommittees were formed:

1. Assessment team: to investigate models in terms of attributes

2. Models team: explore potential 'Best of the Best' models. - This is the fantasy view of what we would like to do in the best of all worlds. No attention to whether it can be done or not..

3. Logistics team: By the end of April provide s list of what we can do in terms of the regulaitons that govern us. This is the reality of evaluating whether we can do the model.

4. Teaching team: how does learning occur best. Evaluate different teaching and learning possibilities.

5. Atribute Matrix team: Everything else that is left. Sequencing of the attributes, investigating how Gen Ed and the major are related.

Schedule for Spring semester:

2/25 Attribute wrap up and subcommittee work

3/11 Don Farmer presentation and discussion

4/8 Discussion of experience and the contributions to attributes.

4/27 Subcommittee reports

5/13 Briefing on the Asheville 2 charge, if we are selected.

Setting the 98/99 agenda.

August retreat will be held on August 20 and 21st

Sub-committee formation work took the balance of the time.


Vickie Daddieh