General Education Initiative Task Force:

Minutes of Meeting - October 29, 1997

Members Attending:

Greg Cashman, Tom Erskine, Mike Garner, Ben Greene, Steve Hetzler, Victoria Hutchinson, Jim Lackie, Robert Long, Pat Richards, Kathleen Shannon, Sarah Sharbach

Gail Welsh, George Whitehead, Ellen Whitford, Bill Zak

Members Not Attending:

Mike Boolukos, Phil Creighton, Jane Dané, Fred Kundell, Chapman McGrew, Fatollah Saliman, Robert Smith, Debra Thatcher, Arlene White



(1) An evaluation of Gen Ed and

(2) Attributes

Perhaps the best way is to hold 2 meetings - one where the issues are presented and a second which consists of discussion and dialogue among the faculty.

1. Options to distribution requirements




Global Seminars

Paired Teaching

1. What do we want to be?

2. Plug in the requirements from the COMAR regulations.

3. Add others to make up the gap between what we have and where we want to be.

Revised 11/6/97