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  1. On cluster courses
  2. Office of Liberal Education at Miami of Ohio - Thematic and Capstone
  3. Higher Education Internet Resources
  4. The American Association for Higher Education (AAHE)
  5. The World Lecture Hall
  6. The Teaching Effectiveness Program (at The University of Oregon)
  7. Deliberations on Teaching & Learning in Higher Education
  8. HEPROC Higher Education Expertise Database
  9. The Center for Teaching (at The University of Iowa)
  10. Learning & Teaching in Higher Education Web Sites
  11. Center for Research on Learning & Teaching (at The University of Michigan)
  12. Online University Teaching Centers: A Worldwide Listing
  13. Center for Teaching Excellence (at Providence College)
  14. Center for Istructional Development & Research (at The University of Washington)
  15. DiversityWeb
  16. Association of American Colleges & Universities
  17. The Learning Enhancement Service
  18. Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction
  19. Centre for Staff Development (Australia)
  20. Instructional Development & Technology (Canada)
  21. Office of Instructional Support (at Cornell University)
  22. A Berkeley Comendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence
  23. Center for Teaching Excellence (at Iowa State University)
  24. Center for Faculty Development (at The University of North Carolina, Asheville)
  25. Effective Teaching: Online Journal