MEMBERS ATTENDING: Sandra Cohea-Weible, Greg Cashman, Jane Dane, Mike Garner, Ben, Greene, Steve Hetzler, Fred Kundell, Charles Long, Robert Long, Patricia Richards, Fatollah Salimian, Kathleen Shannon, Sarah Sharbach, Robert Smith, Debra Thatcher, Gail Welsh, Arlene White, George Whitehead and Bill Zak

MEMBERS NOT ATTENDING: Don Cathcart, Tom Erskine, Victoria Hutchinson, Ross Leisten and Chapman McGrew

1. Minutes from the May 13, 1998 meeting were approved pending corrections.

2. Pat read a letter to the group from Woody Bousquet. Woody expressed his appreciation for being invited to the Task Force retreat held August 20 and 21 in Ocean City. He requested that a copy of the final report be sent to him when completed.

3. Connie Richards will attend the next meeting on September 23 to receive feedback on how the international studies initiatives might meet or overlap the General Education initiatives.

4. The group was reminded that the 1998-99 Timeline is still tentative. A revised copy timeline dated 9/9/98 was provided and attention was directed to three additional sentences which were added. A recommendation was made to spell out the acronyms GETF (General Education Task Force) and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). The Time line was accepted by consensus.

5. There will be an Open Meeting on Wednesday, September 16, 1998 at 3:30 p.m. in Caruthers Hall Auditorium to present the Program Principles draft document to the faculty.

6. Four new General Education subcommittees are being formed and Pat requested members to e-mail her which area they would be willing to serve on.

Survey team

Learning goals team

Grant funding team

Program assessment instruments team

7. Kathleen Shannon suggested and approval was given to establish a Subcommittee to develop a "call for proposals." New and existing proposals that fit this model would be solicited. Funding sources would need to be researched and determined. Where will these courses fit in the current curriculum? How does it relate or not relate in the freshman experience? How can proposals be funded? Staffing issue will be ongoing.

8. Faculty Survey-

Mike Garner provided background information concerning the Higher Education Research Institute nationwide faculty survey which has been distributed to the Senators and Deans. Mike indicated the University can add up to 20 additional questions to the survey at no extra charge. The survey's purpose was debated and the group decided not to draft questions for submission. Time constraints were also taken into consideration as the survey will be processed October 15, 1998 and the results received in April.

9. Program Principles Draft II -

Draft II of the Gen Ed Program Principles was revised effective September 9, 1998 to read:

General Education Program Purpose and Principles


Salisbury State University's General Education Program promotes intellectual development, cultivates an appreciation of heritage and cultures, promotes personal development and social responsibility, and provides opportunities for students to construct a coherent framework for lifelong learning in a diverse and changing world.

Program Design Principles

Salisbury State University's General Education Program

-embodies the institution's mission.

-provides a coherent integrated curriculum.

-encourages the developmental progression of student knowledge, skills and dispositions throughout the undergraduate experience.

-attends to student experience both in and out of the classroom.

-fosters an academic community.


-incorporates ongoing review and assessment.

10. Pat reminded everyone the Glossary will be reviewed at the next Gen Ed Task Force meeting on September 23.

Handouts distributed:

Tentative List of Student (Learning Goals) - Fred Kundell

Levels of Integration and Synthesis

IDS Elements of SSU Curricula

Purpose, Principles & Attributes


Judy Young