Equipment Available

The SU Libraries MakerLab offers much more than just 3D printing. You can see the many different types of equipment we have below. 

MakerLab staff are on hand at all times to help you with all of this equipment. If you have any questions, or if you would like to suggest equipment for us to investigate for the future, feel free to stop by the MakerLab or contact Chris Woodall

3D Printers

We have several different types of 3D printers available. If you are unsure of what would work best for your project, we are happy to provide a consultation.

3D Printing Materials

We currently have several different colors of filament available in both PLA and ABS plastic, as well as a photo reactive resin for our SLA printer (Form 2). In most cases, we recommend printing with PLA unless your project has a need for the special qualities of ABS. In addition, we have PVA filament that dissolves in water to print support structures using our LulzBot Taz 6 that is equipped with a dual extruder.

We use 1.75mm filament for our MakerGear M2 printers, 2.85mm filament for our LulzBot printers, and resin for our Formlabs Form 2 printer. Unfortunately, at this time we do not allow patrons to use their own filament or resin with our printers. If you have a need for a special type of printing material, please let the MakerLab staff know and we may be able to acquire the necessary materials for you.

Materials Colors Available Compatible Printers
PLA (All sizes) Black, White, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple MakerGear M2, LulzBot Taz 5, LulzBot Taz 6
PLA (2.85mm only) Neon Green, Teal, Purple, Pink, Gold, Silver, Natural LulzBot Taz 5, LulzBot Taz 6
ABS Black, White MakerGear M2, LulzBot Taz 5, LulzBot Taz 6
PVA Natural (supports only) LulzBot Taz 6 (Dual Extruder)
Resin Clear, Black, White Formlabs Form 2

3D Scanners

We offer a handheld scanner for scanning larger objects but with less detail, and a high-definition stationary scanner for high detail scans of smaller objects.

Other Equipment