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Learning in Three Dimensions Competition

If you have an exciting or innovative idea for how existing 3D technologies on campus could enhance a course at SU, enter the “Learning in Three Dimensions” competition and you could win $250!


Many exciting and cutting-edge technologies exist on the Salisbury University campus, and a goal of the “Enhancing Courses with 3D Technologies” Faculty Learning Community is to increase the usage of these technologies in courses across all five of our schools. The purpose of this competition is to incentivize the SU community to brainstorm innovative and exciting ways these technologies could be used to enhance learning on our campus, and give faculty new ideas for how they could add these technologies to future courses.


Participants are asked to submit a proposal for enhancing an existing Salisbury University course using 3D printing, 3D scanning, virtual reality, augmented reality, or any other 3D technology. The proposal should describe a project or activity that could be added to the course that would use one of these technologies to provide a more interactive, engaging, or innovative way to teach the course content. The proposal does not need to be a finished product, but just a description of the project or activity.

Proposals should address at least some of the following questions:

  • What course objective would be enhanced through the use of the technology?
  • What new perspective would students gain on the course content by using the technology?
  • How could the project or activity be integrated into the course?
  • How would you ensure the project or activity is feasible, keeping in mind existing resources and budget limitations?
  • What hardware or software would be required? Could it make use of existing resources already on campus?

At a minimum, submissions should contain:

  • The name and course number of the existing SU course and a short description of it
  • 1-3 learning objectives for the project or activity
  • The list of materials and any preparation needed (Digital presentation, handouts, supplies, etc.)
  • The steps of teaching the project or activity, which should include when and how the students would be engaging with the 3D technology
  • A rationale (2-4 paragraphs) that explains how this particular project or activity would improve students’ learning of the course content


There will be up to 6 awards of $250 each. One winner will be selected from each of the five schools (CHHS, Fulton, Henson, Perdue, Seidel) as well as one faculty or staff winner across all of SU.


All students enrolled for at least 1 credit hour during the Spring 2020 semester are eligible to submit a proposal. Salisbury University faculty and staff are also eligible to submit a proposal. However, members of the Enhancing Courses with Emerging 3D Technologies FLC are ineligible.

Although entrants are welcome to collaborate on a proposal, the award can only be given to a single person. For students working with faculty or staff members, proposals should be submitted under the student’s name.

Deadline & Submission Process

To submit a proposal, send an email to Chris Woodall ( Your submission can be in any format you choose, including but not limited to a Word document, website, multimedia presentation, or infographic. Be sure to attach a completed competition entry form as well (included at the bottom of this document).

All submissions must be received by no later than 5:00 PM on Wednesday, April 22nd.

Selection of Winners

One student winner from each of the five schools (CHHS, Fulton, Henson, Perdue, and Seidel) will be selected based on the originality of the idea as well as how well the requirements listed above are met. Additionally, one faculty or staff winner from across all the schools may be chosen using the same criteria. 

The selection of winners will be determined through a vote of members of the Enhancing Courses with Emerging 3D Technologies FLC. Each winner will receive a prize of $250 and be recognized at an end-of-year award ceremony tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 1, 2020.

Winners will be expected to present their idea at the award ceremony in a 5-10 minute presentation.