Heat Advisory Issued for July 17

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Information Literacy Partners of the Month

The SU Libraries Information Literacy Partner of the Month Award is given semi-monthly to honor faculty with whom we partner in teaching students to find, evaluate, and effectively use information.

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Dr. Emin Lelic’s History Project

A propaganda book from Mao’s China. Letters from a Red Cross volunteer in Asia to her friends back home on Long Island during World War II. An 1891 book on how to put on a minstrel show. These were...

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Student-Curated Exhibits

As mentioned in an earlier issue of Library Matters, the exhibit spaces in the Guerrieri Academic Commons are meant as “Exhibit Labs” where students, faculty and staff can share their scholarship...

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SU Libraries MakerLab

One unit in the SU Libraries that did not exist even a few years ago is the MakerLab. Launching in fall 2016, when the Guerrieri Academic Commons opened, the MakerLab was an experiment. While...

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Student Worker Profile: Sarah Prince

Sarah Prince is a junior from Baltimore, MD. She came to SU because she “felt like SU was a home away from home” and some of the health science fields are very strong. She is majoring in community...

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