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Blind Date with a Book

Fall in Love with a good book!

How it Works!

Take home a book without knowing its title just like going on a date without knowing the person!

  1. We have wrapped up a few favorite titles from different genres. We hope you fall hard for them!
  2. The picture/text on the book wrap would serve as a clue to the title. No peeking yet!
  3. Take it home, unwrap it, spend some time with it, and enjoy! Your blind date may be informative, funny, mysterious, entertaining, or heartbreaking! If you don’t like the book, simply return it to the library; feelings won’t be hurt!
  4. How to check out a book
    • Local Students – Pick a book from the shelf and take it to the circulation desk to check it out
    • Distance Students – Fill out the form completely. Please contact Mou Chakraborty mxchakraborty@salisbury.eduif you have any questions about this event.
  5. Rate Your Date - we want to know how your date went! Fill out the Rate your Date sheet that is inside the book to enter a raffle! You could win $25 gift card!
    • Local students – please drop it off in the box at the circulation desk.
    • Distance students – feel free to mail it to the library. You can also scan it or take a picture and email it to
  6. Feel free to talk about your date online using #SUblinddatewithabook!
Book with pages folded into a heart shape. Books wrapped in paper Books wrapped in paper with a hear in the middle Books wrapped in paper

Submission Form for Distance Students