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30-day admission with Form I-515A

If a J-1 exchange visitor appears at a port of entry in good faith without a properly completed or endorsed Form DS-2019, but otherwise appears eligible for admission as a J-1 exchange visitor, the inspecting officer may grant a temporary 30-day admission by issuing Form I-515A (Notice to Student or Exchange Visitor).

Although an exchange visitor who has received Form I-515A is admitted in J-1 status, the admission is for only a 30-day period, not for duration of status (D/S). To convert the admission to D/S, the exchange visitor must submit certain documents to SEVP, before the 30-day expiration date recorded on Form I-94; those documents will be listed on the I-515 A form.

For additional information, please view the I-515 A Tool Kit on U.S. Immigration and Customs Protection website.