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J-1 Visa Status

General Information

12- month bar on repeat participation

The general proposition of the 12-month bar is that an alien is not eligible to begin an exchange program as a Professor or Research Scholar based on a DS-2019 issued "to begin a new program" if he or she was physically present in any J status (including J-2 status) for "all or part of" the "twelve month period immediately preceding the date of program commencement set forth on his or her Form DS-2019." This general rule is then modified by three exceptions:

A) J-1 transfers. The 12 month bar is not applicable to those who will begin a program by transferring to a new program sponsor under the transfer procedures of 22 C.F.R. 62.42;

(B) Presence in J status of less than 6 months. An alien whose prior physical presence in J status was of less than six months duration is exempt from the 12-month bar 22;

(C) Presence in J status as a Short-Term Scholar. No time spent as a Short-Term Scholar under is counted as physical presence that triggers the bar.

For additional information, please view the following chart on Twelve and Twenty-Four Month Bars on Repeat Participation for J-1 Exchange Visitor Categories, or visit the Department of State resource page.