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David L. Boren Awards

Duration and Program Design

Boren Scholarships are available for full academic year or semester programs. To promote cultural and linguistic immersion, longer periods are recommended and preference will be given to applicants studying abroad for at least six months.  Most applicants participate in pre-arranged study abroad programs administered by a U.S. institution, a consortium of U.S. institutions, or a third-party provider. 

The length of Boren Fellowships is determined by the project the candidate designs, but may be no shorter than one academic term, no longer than 12 months overseas and no longer than 24 months for combined overseas and domestic study.  To promote cultural and linguistic immersion, significant time abroad is encouraged, but it is also recognized that in many disciplines (including science and technology as well as in the professional schools) summer study may provide the best option.  Most applicants design their own programs, in consultation with their academic advisers.  Successful programs have included language study, research at the master's, pre-dissertation, or dissertation level, academic internships, and any combination of the above.  Funding for domestic language study is available for candidates who demonstrate that such funding is critical to their overseas plans and that no other means exist for them to obtain such training.

Study of a foreign language appropriate to the identified country or region must be an integral part of each application.  The language component must incorporate opportunities to develop, maintain, or advance proficiency in a language, including instruction and application inside and outside of the classroom.  With the exception of French and Spanish, there are no minimum language requirements.  However, candidates must demonstrate a commitment to the language and demonstrate how she or he will continue studying the language beyond the scholarship or fellowship period.

Programs must start on or after June 1.

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