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Social Security Number

Social Security Number: A social security card should be obtained by each student. It will be your identification number necessary for establishing a banking account, acquiring a driver's license, paying taxes or getting paid. To learn more about applying for a card and to download an application, click here.  When filling out the application, check "legal alien allowed to work."   Please note: you need to wait 10 days after you initial entry to apply. With the application, you must submit a letter from the International Student Adviser, verifying your student status at the University. The Social Security Office is located on 2414 Northgate Drive, Suite 1, Salisbury, MD 21801, (410)749-2101.  

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Driver's License

Driver's License: A driver's license is also commonly used as identification. You can drive in the United States with your home license for one year, after that a U.S. license will be required. In order to receive a license, you must go to the Motor Vehicle Administration in person, with a valid passport, a valid visa, your Social Security Card and 2 proof of residency forms (i.e., a major credit card bill, a bank statement, or utility bill).  If you have a license from home, you will have to pass the vision examination, as well as the written and practical tests.  You will also have to take a three-hour drug and alcohol awareness class before you can receive your license: the class costs $35 and the cost of a license is $45.

If you do not have a driver's license from home, the process for obtaining a Maryland Driver’s License becomes much more complicated. First you must apply for a Learner’s Permit. You will have to pass vision and driving knowledge exams to receive a learner's permit. While using the permit, you will have to drive with another person in the car, someone who is over 18 years old and has had his/her license for at least three years. This supervising driver must complete a practice log for you, which will be issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration along with your learner’s permit. The cost of a learner's permit is $45; it includes the driver's license you will receive later. In addition, you must complete a standardized driver education course. These courses are offered by private businesses and include both classroom and behind the wheel instruction. The cost is approximately $250. After four months driving with your learner’s permit, a documented log of at least 40 hours of supervised driving, and a certificate proving you have successfully completed the driver education course, you may apply for your provisional drivers license. You will be required to take a behind the wheel skills test and if you pass, you will receive your provisional license. At this point, you will be allowed to drive alone in a vehicle. After holding your provisional license for 18 months without any violations you will qualify for Maryland’s full driver’s license. As you can see, obtaining this license is a lengthy and costly process. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, obtain a driver’s license at home before you begin your studies at SU.

Driver's licenses have to be renewed every five years. The cost is $30.

Booklets for studying the written materials are available in the International Student Advisor's office. And since the procedures change from time to time, please make sure you have the latest information before taking the trip. The Motor Vehicle Administration is located on Route 50 and Tilghman Road in Salisbury, (800)950-1682.

International Drivers License: you can obtain an International Driver's License in your home country. That license will have a limited validity, so please make sure you know the expiration date. Once your International Driver's License expires, you will have to renew it in home country, or obtain a US license.

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Telephone System

Telephone System: All numbers in the United States have a three digit area code number, and a seven digit number. To call a long distance number, dial 1+area code+seven digit number. If you are calling from campus, dial 9+1+area code+seven digit number. SU has an internal telephone system. If you are calling another office or room ON CAMPUS, you only need to dial the last five digits of the seven digit number (each building on campus is equipped with pay phones as well as on-campus phones that do not require depositing money).

Coin operated telephones cost 35 cents per local call. There are some numbers that can be reached without depositing money. These are:

(0) - operator, who can help make connections and answer questions,

(911) - emergency,

(411) - directory assistance for local calls only,

(800) - all 800 numbers are toll free numbers.

There are several companies specializing in long distance and international calls. These companies offer a variety of services and should be picked by students based on individual needs. After establishing an account, the company will issue a calling card and an access number for each customer; bills are issued on a monthly basis.

Telephone books are very important sources of information, and are usually divided into four parts: residential numbers (white), government numbers (blue), business numbers ("white pages") and business numbers with advertisements included ("yellow pages"). Telephone books are widely available, and provide other important information, such as area codes for the United States, time zones, directions for international calls, information on telephone companies, etc.

Students living on campus must take the responsibility of establishing an account with the Cashier's office, where they will receive a PIN number upon depositing a minimum of $25. Misuse of the telephone will result in disciplinary action, so you should not give your PIN number to anyone else.

It is generally appropriate to call someone at home between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm. If you are using someone else's phone to make a call, it is polite to ask for permission first, especially before calling any long distance numbers.

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E-Mail System

E-mail System:   Novell Network computer accounts are available to all current students, free of charge.  It allows access to the computer network software packages, electronic mail, the Internet and networked file storage.  Student monitors, student consultants and the Information Technology staff members at the Help Desk offer assistance in activating student accounts.  They are located in Fulton Hall 149, 410-543-6112.  

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Religious Services

Religious Services: Salisbury and the surrounding area provide many opportunities to practice a variety of religions. Students are encouraged to refer to the local phone book in order to find the most appropriate service. (The Newman Club sponsors a Catholic Mass on campus).

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Hotels & Motels

Hotels and Motels: The following hotels and motels are closest to Salisbury University:

Delmarva Inn & Conference Center (410)896-3434
Hampton Inn (410) 334-2237
Best Western Salisbury Plaza (410)546-1300
Lord Salisbury Inn (410)742-3251
Budget Host Temple Hill Motel (410)742-3284
(800) 272-7829
LaQuinta Inn & Suites (410)546-4400
Comfort Inn (410)543-4666
Sleep Inn  (410)572-5516
Days Inn of Salisbury (410)749-6200
Super 8 Motel (410)749-5131
Best Western (410)546-1300
Thrift Travel Inn (410)742-5135

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Shipping: While moving abroad, to or from the United States, you might want to choose one of the following shipping companies:


Storage: If you would like to store property for January or the summer months, the following businesses in Salisbury provide the service:

Fruitland Mini Storage 
Route 13 South Fruitland
Fruitland, Maryland 21826
(410) 742-1875
(800) 787-0466
R. Russell Hitch 
Meadows Bridge Road
Fruitland, Maryland 21826
(410) 749-7615
 America's Mini Warehouses of 
US Route 13 and South Boulevard
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
(410) 749-9999
Salisbury Storage Warehouse 
814 Snow Hill Road
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
(410) 742-7772
Water Tower Self Storage
1402 North Salisbury Boulevard
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
(410) 749-6464

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Transportation: Salisbury does not have public transportation. If you arrive by plane, or by bus, you will have to make arrangements to be picked up at the airport/bus station, or you will have to call a taxi.

Airport: Salisbury/Ocean City/ Wicomico Regional Airport: (410) 548-4827
Airport Transportation Service: Bailey's Taxi Service: (410) 546-4025
Bus Station: Carolina Trailways, 350 Cypress Street (410) 742-4121


Bailey's Taxi Service: (410) 546-4025
Doug's Taxi Service: (410) 749-2723 
Gene's Taxi: (410) 742-4444
International Cab Co.: (410) 860-0068
Yellow Cab: (410) 749-3500
North End Taxi: (410) 546-1417
Family Cab Service: (410) 543-4462
Salisbury Taxi: (410) 742-6666 
Delmarva Cab: (410) 219-3677

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