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Travel to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean

Since Mexico and Canada share land borders with the United States, many students and advisers may not think of inquiring about entry requirements far in advance. Mexico and Canada have distinct entry requirements, which must be investigated by F-1 students and their families just like any other country.

The lack of a valid Form DS-2019 will not prevent the student's departure from the United States; it may, however, prevent the student from entering Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. Moreover, even a duplicate Form DS-2019, which lacks the expected admission stamps, may be insufficient for the student to obtain entry to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean.

Under certain circumstances, a J nonimmigrant with an expired visa may re-enter the United States as though the visa were still valid, provided that the Exchange Visitort traveled only to Canada, Mexico, or the adjacent Caribbean islands for 30 days or less. Individuals whose nonimmigrant status was changed to J-1 or J-2 after having entered in another nonimmigrant status may also be eligible for readmission under the automatic extension of visa validity provision.