Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The M.A. in English–TESOL Option requires that the graduate student complete a minimum of thirty-three (33) semester hours (eleven [11] graduate courses).

Required courses

include a fifteen (15) hour/five (5) course Core Curriculum, consisting of:

Students must take an additional fifteen (15) hours/five (5) courses related to TESOL, selected among (but not limited to), ENGL 520, 521, 523, 532, 533, 534, 538, 540, 541, 542, 543, 544, 591, & 592 and EDUC 500, 545, 582 & 583 and take the Capstone Course, ENGL 547 Current Approaches in ESOL Instruction. All courses included in the program must be completed with grades of C or better, and students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Students pursuing the M.A. in English, TESOL Option, who have taken any of the Core Requirements as undergraduates (ENGL 428 ESOL Tests and Measurements, ENGL 430 Principles of Linguistics, ENGL 431 Survey of Modern English Grammar, ENGL 433 Language and Culture, and/or ENGL 439 Second Language Acquisition) will, in consultation with the Graduate Program Director, select alternative courses to meet the thirty-three (33) hour requirement.