Literature Options

Non-Thesis: The M.A. in English, Literature Option, requires that the graduate student complete a minimum of thirty-three (33) semester hours (eleven graduate courses). All Literature Option students must take ENGL 508 Methods and Theories for Literary Research and a minimum of two courses must be in Graduate Seminars in literature, which include ENGL 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505 and 510. Students may take, in consultation with the Graduate Program Director, up to nine hours in a supporting discipline. All courses included in the program must be completed with grades of C or better, and students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

ThesisStudents in the Literature Option who intend to write a master's thesis take ENGL 531 Thesis for three of their thirty-three hours. Before taking ENGL 531 Thesis (or ENGL 530 Directed Research should they choose to do so), students need to complete a form which should remain on file in the Department. Available as well in the Department is a “Guide for the M.A. Thesis.”

Literature Option for Teaching Assistants:

Teaching Assistants in the literature option are required to take the following courses, in addition to ENGL 508 Methods and Theories for Literary Research and the two required Literature Seminars: ENGL 514 Writing Program Issues, ENGL 537 Survey of Modern English Grammar, and ENGL 565 Research in CompositionTeaching Assistants who have taken any of these Core Requirements as undergraduates (ENGL 431 Survey of Modern English Grammar or ENGL 465 Research in Composition) will, in consultation with the Graduate Program Director, select alternative courses to meet the thirty-three (33) hour requirement. Teaching Assistants may take, in consultation with the Graduate Program Director, up to six (6) hours (rather than the nine [9] allowed for non-teaching assistant Literature Option students) in a supporting discipline.

Comprehensive Examination:

Students in all of the Literature Options are required to take a comprehensive examination in four areas of study before receiving their M.A. in English. This usually occurs in the last semester of course work or shortly thereafter. Details can be found in the Guidelines for the M.A. Examination and Literature Option Reading List.